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Why doesn't the free shipping amount change to the selected currency?

If you've set different threshold amounts for multiple countries, the amount shown will change based on the visitors network location. Changing the currency selector does not affect the per country threshold amount. To test, you can use a free VPN tool.

Does Flash Cart support multiple languages and currencies?

Yes, we have built-in support for both multiple languages and multiple currencies.

Does Flash Cart work with subscription apps?

Yes, we have built in support for subscription apps such as Recharge, Appstle, Bold Subscriptions, and many more.

How do I set up free shipping?

The Free shipping bar requires that you have a free shipping rate set up in your Shopify admin. If you have not set up a free shipping rate, follow the steps to Add a free shipping rate.

How do I remove the “Shipping and Taxes” message?

These messages in the cart are automatically displayed by Shopify. You can edit or remove this text in your default theme content editor. Follow our guide to change shipping and taxes text.

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