Cart summary area

Quick cart

The Cart summary area appears at the bottom of the main column. You can customize the checkout action, choose to show order notes, enable Terms and conditions, and show Total cart savings.

Cart savings styles


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Header cart icon, and click the Edit your cart button.

  2. Click the Flash cart section to open the settings.

  3. Select the Checkout action to change what happens when customers click the checkout button.

    Either Go to cart page or Go to checkout.

  4. Choose whether to show Order notes to let customers enter additional information to their order.

  5. Choose whether to show a Terms and Conditions checkbox.

    Click Select page if you want to link to a page created in your Shopify admin that describes your terms and conditions.

  6. Choose whether to Show total cart savings.

    You can change the Total cart savings style to Banner

  7. Click Save.

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