Quick cart

You can set up and customize the Quick cart all within the theme editor. Flash cart includes customizable cart blocks (like Cross-sells, Payment icons, and Free shipping bar), with additional cart settings and custom styles.

This guide assumes that you’ve disabled your theme cart and enabled Flash cart. See our Enable Flash Cart guide for step-by-step instructions.

Customizing your quick cart

After you've enabled Flash cart, open your theme editor, click on the cart icon in the Header, then click Edit your cart.

In the side panel, click on the Flash cart section to find the cart settings. Click (+) Add block to start customizing the features and layout of your cart.

Tip | For an easier set up, add some of your products to the cart before editing. That way, you can preview the changes you make.

Customize cart settings

Click the Flash cart section to find settings for customizing the appearance and features of your quick cart, including the Sidebar style, Empty cart promotion, Cart summary, and Floating cart icon.

Add cart blocks

Cart blocks are the basic components of your Flash Cart. You can add, remove, and customize the cart blocks in the Theme Editor.

The quick cart has a Main column and an optional Sidebar column. You can choose to position cart blocks (except Cart items) in either the main column or Sidebar.

Go to the Cart blocks guide or jump to a section below to find instructions.

See the Cart items block to find settings for item images, item savings, unit prices, and the low inventory warning.

Customize cart styles

Go to App embeds in your theme editor to find style settings for the Flash cart. You can change the overall presentation mode, colors, fonts, and cart density.

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