Custom Liquid

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We do not support code customizations. This guide offers a basic reference for developers or advanced users. Always test code changes on an unpublished copy of your theme. For assistance, we recommend finding a professional developer through Shopify Experts.

With the Custom Liquid block, you can extend the functionality of Flash Cart by adding snippets of Liquid or HTML code directly in the theme editor.

Liquid is the template language used by Shopify. See their Liquid reference guide to learn more. Also check out Shopify's Liquid code examples.

Custom Liquid provides a reliable and safer option compared to editing your theme code. It will help keep your theme copy eligible for updates and avoid conflicts with the original theme code.

Add Custom Liquid block

Follow the steps below to add Custom Liquid section and test your custom code.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Header cart icon, and click the Edit your cart button.

  2. Under Flash Cart, click (+) Add block and select Custom liquid.

  3. Click the Custom Liquid block to open the settings.

  4. Enter your Liquid code into the field.

    See Shopify’s Liquid reference guide to learn more.

  5. Click Save.

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