Handpicked cross-sells

You can select Handpicked cross-sells to display for specified products. Handpicked recommendations will always appear first in the cross-sells block followed by global cross-sells and automatic recommendations.

  • Select a maximum of 4 handpicked recommendations for each product by clicking “add cross-sells” in the table.

    • You can bulk-add handpicked recommendations by selected multiple products or an entire collection.

  • To edit the order of your recommendations, simply click on the product or the “edit” link and add the products in the desired order in the product page.

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Set up handpicked recommendations


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Flash Cart > Cross-sells.

  2. Use the “Filter products” search bar or scroll through to find the product you want to add cross-sells too.

  3. Click “Add cross-sells” and choose up to 4 products you want add as handpicked recommendations, then click Select.

  4. To bulk edit multiple products, click to select more than one product.

    • You can then select to “Add a cross-sell”,Override and Assign cross-sells”, “Remove specific cross-sells” or “Delete all cross-sells”

    • To add cross-sells to a collection, select one of your collections in the tabs above the product list.

Bulk Actions in the cross-sells table

Select multiple products for bulk editing\

  • Assign/Override cross-sells: This action will override any currently assigned cross-sells to the selected products and assign the new selection you make in the pop-up modal.

  • Delete all cross-sells: This action will delete all the cross-sells associated to the selected products.

  • Remove a specific cross-sell: Remove from the currently assigned cross-sells

  • Add a cross-sell: This action will add a cross-sell to the existing cross-sells of the selected products. This will only work if slots are available. Products cannot have more than 4 assigned handpicked cross-sells.

Edit, remove or re-order handpicked cross-sells


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Flash Cart > Cross-sells.

  2. Head to the product with the cross-sells you wish to edit and click “edit”.

  3. Once the product page is open, you can remove cross-sells by clicking the X or add new ones by clicking Browse products.

    The order in which the products are added will determine their order in the cart.

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