Create product bundles

This guide shows how to activate and set up product bundles with an overview of complementary product types.

What’s a bundle?

A bundle is a group of complementary products sold separately, which customers can buy at a discounted price when purchased together. Product bundles can include manual, global, and automatic recommendations.

Activate bundles for parent product

Product bundles are added to a Parent product. The bundle you create will appear on the Parent’s product page.

Follow the steps to select a parent product from your inventory and activate bundles for that product.


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Click Products under the Flash Bundles section.

  2. Find and click on the product that you want to add a product bundle. Use the search and filter bar to find your products easily.

  3. In the Overview settings, click Activate Flash Bundles for this product. If you don’t want bundles for the product click Deactivate bundles for this product.

After activating bundles for your parent product, you can add Complementary recommend products to the bundle. Complementary products can be manually added to individual bundles, added globally to all bundles, or automatically generated.

Add bundle products to individual parent products.

Add bundle products to all parent products in remaining slots.

Enable automated recommendations to include in all bundles.

Change number of products per bundle

You can choose to display between 2 to 10 complementary products per bundle. The manual, global, and automatic products will fill the available Active slots for complementary products until there are no more available slots.

Complementary products will fill available Active slots in the following order: (1) Manual products, (2) Global products, (3) Automatic products.

Only those complementary products that are in active slots will appear in the Bundles app block.


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Flash Bundles > Preferences.

  2. Use the slider to change the maximum number of products per bundle: between 2 and 10.

  3. Click Save.

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