Manual discounts

To set up manual discounts for specific product bundles, go to the Products settings and open the product with the bundle you want to edit.

Discounts include a minimum price to qualify for the bundle discount, a Discount amount, and an optional Discount message.

This guide assumes that you’ve already created some product bundles.

Tip It’s important to offer discounts that are attractive to customers yet sustainable for your business. Take a look at your average order value, then add a minimum price threshold close to that average.


In your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Flash Bundle > Products and click to open a parent product.

  2. Under Discounts, click Enable a manual discount for this product.

  3. Enter the minimum total price for the discount to be applied to the bundle.

    To avoid low prices, set a reasonable minimum price. Consider setting the minimum to match your average order value.

    To offer discounts for all bundles regardless of price, set the minimum price to zero.

  4. Enter the Discount amount as a percentage.

  5. Enter an optional Discount message.

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